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Trend Watch - The Rise of Private Jet Charter in 2021

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The skies may be a little quieter of late, but private luxury flights are taking off - find out how Fuse Concierge can welcome you on board.

Business meetings, beach getaways, flying in for the weekend to make a special event with loved ones - air travel is a crucial part of our lives.

It's something we've taken for granted as a fast, convenient and comfortable way of making our busy schedules possible, but with the many changes to life that 2020 has brought, a huge decrease in flights is one of them.

With commercial airlines reducing flights and travellers nervous of sitting in close contact with strangers for hours, boarding a plane has become a much less tempting option.

Take Off on a New Adventure

But as Fuse Concierge's clients will be well aware, a crisis can be the catalyst for opportunity, and that could certainly be the case in the private aviation industry in 2021.

Covid-19 has hit airlines hard, with many passengers

put off travelling by being reluctant to share a confined cabin and booking cancellations common even for those who are prepared to fly.

So consider the solution a private jet could bring - limiting your contacts at airports, knowing exactly who will be on board with you, and the ability to keep the passenger list exclusively to your own bubble.

Going the Extra Mile

At Fuse Concierge, we know that there are times a Zoom call simply won't do - that vital business meeting, the international property you need to see in person, the loved one desperate for a visit even if its brief and socially distanced.

That is why our lifestyle managers are busy within the private aviation market, bringing competitive rates in chartering a flight or even investing in your own jet.

Take to the Skies with Fuse

Perhaps you're looking for something as simple as a light jet to carry you to a meeting for the day.

Or maybe you're thinking more along the lines of a super mid-size jet to escape the gloom of a Covid-restricted winter and enjoy a few days of isolated relaxation with your household.

We can advise on your options, arrange an aircraft and crew, manage your transport to and from the airport, and take on any other travel requirements.

Clients looking for a long-term strategy to manage their travel needs, or can't imagine going back to commercial after the experience of private charter, or whether you're considering investing in your own jet.

Fuse Concierge can guide you through the process of choosing an aircraft and assess your needs, with expert advice available on everything from turboprops to ultra-long-range jets, and all of the options in between.

There's no feeling like boarding your own private plane, settling into a luxuriously comfortable seat, and jetting off into the sunset with your loved ones - contact Fuse today to find the out our exclusive global rates.

Three of the Best Private Jets

Boeing 777X BBJ

New to the market, super luxurious alternative to the popular 747 is an excellent choice for business travellers. The cabin can be configured as an elegant dining room or a spacious boardroom meeting space, and long flights can accommodate a master suite bedroom with a sleek bathroom and plenty of wardrobe hanging space.

Embraer Lineage 1000E

This incredible aircraft can be customised to your own personal taste, including installing skylights over the cabin's roof and walls to enjoy stunning views. The master bedroom also has space for a walk-in shower.

Bombardier Global 7000

Marketed as the ultimate long-distance private jet, this will accommodate all your needs for business or leisure travel. The super-spacious cabin can house a full dining room, a multi-media theatre with plush seating, and bedrooms that could rival those in a top hotel.

Contact Fuse Concierge to access exclusive global rates and for flying safely, comfortably, and of course in private surroundings.

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