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Private Islands

Updated: May 3, 2021

Planning A Luxury Holiday: How About a Private Island?

A radiant blue blanket extending into the horizon- gently bubbling, undisturbed, even as the sun sends hasty streaks across its surface. Seated in the sheer abundance of flawless white sand, you take in the sights, even as the natural scent of the beach intoxicates you.

This is Luxury. Watching the sun rise over the sea, from the porch of your Villa at dawn. As darkness creeps in at dusk, watch the stars light up the sky, unhindered by the blinding city lights. Create new memories, free from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. The poignant silence punctuated, only, by the calming melody of the Island’s birds….

The Private Island experience is unparalleled.

Why Choose a Private Island?

Planning a vacation, or deciding the next leg of your luxury travels, why not pencil in a stop at a Private Island?

The Islands are hidden away from the prying eyes of the public, miles detached from any conventional town or city. This is the be-all and end-all of intimate settings – nothing but clear white sand and ocean, as far as your eyes can glare, not a person in sight. Create experiences that are truly special, unsullied by the constant droning of other guests and thrill seekers.

Paired perfectly with the seclusion and isolation a Private Island offers you, the extensive array of luxury experiences on hand. These havens combine nature’s most coveted offerings with sophisticated, man-made treats to keep you hyped through your entire stay. From Snorkelling and Scuba diving in the ocean, coming face to face with the hidden gems of Wildlife, to Water Sports designed to Get Your Adrenaline Pumping – there is never a Dull Moment!

Feel like an explorer discovering a virgin island, devoid of the noisy markers of civilization. Searching for indulgence between your Luxury Travels? How does Dedicated staff, exclusive access to a Luxury Yacht, a 24/7 spa, Multiple Swimming Pools, and a Personalised Seafood Menu Sound?

The VIP treatment is unmatched anywhere else – on a Private Island, you are the crème de la crème. Butlers on standby, waiters, and waitresses at your beck and call, even a local guide to make your stay as explorative as can be.

Who says you can’t have it all?

Consider the following Private Islands and Resorts, for your next Luxury Travel or Getaway:

Petit St. Vincent Island

Presenting an idyllic escape from a techno-driven existence, Petit St. Vincent stands out even in the chain of perfection that is the Caribbean. Located in the Grenadines, PSV is a decidedly sophisticated throwback to simpler times. Wi-Fi and telephones are nowhere to be seen in the cottages, there is a more intuitive channel of communication installed. Fly a yellow flag to request service, and if all you need is some privacy, a red flag makes your cottage even more secluded.

Luxury Travel

Set out on Captain Jeff’s aptly named ship, Beauty, to Tobago Cays, a majestic archipelago. Commune with nature as you snorkel through a beautiful coral reef. Discover exotic schools of fish, turtles, and the occasional giant lobster. This is a luxury experience your family and friends will hold dear forever.

Indulge in the gastronomy of the Grenadines, defined by the abundance of lobsters and seafood. The meals are exquisitely prepared and presented. A live band sets the mood as you dine, regaling you in quintessential Calypso tunes, switching tempos as the night progresses.

Petit St. Vincent is a paradise hidden in the Caribbean – where the ocean plays a rhythmic tune, its waves crashing, tenderly, unto the white sands of the Grenadines beach.

Four Seasons Private Island

A part of the exquisite Four Seasons chain, this Maldivian hideout is perfectly secluded in the majesty of the Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve in Voavah. From the instant, your seaplane descends on the white, sifted sands of its beach, you realize just how much the resort deviates from mundane. Your indulgence is the staff’s primary job role. Your experience here is limited, only, by the conceivable limits of your cravings.

Housing up to 22 guests on its vast 5-acre expanse, guests are housed in one of 7 bedrooms. This snapshot of heaven has the perfect backdrop for an intimate wedding or exclusive party. The Indian Ocean in its pristine turquoise majesty, providing a scenic background for just about all conceivable events.

Cheval Blanc Randheli 

The pinnacle of indulgence. The Cheval Blanc prides itself as the most exquisite resort in the Maldives. Your experience begins right from Malé, where you are whisked off to the picturesque resort on their private seaplane.

Upon arrival, you are lodged in one of the 45 magnificent sculptures masquerading as Villas, designed by Jean Michel Gathy. The ocean view is stunning and absolutely breath-taking. Your Cheval Blanc experience is only just beginning, however.

Lifestyle Management is on the table, as Chef de cuisine, Sebastien Le Gall, Fitness Director, Paulina Ratajczak, and Director of Spa, Corinne Laurette, craft a comprehensive itinerary to ensure you exploit the full expanse of their services.

Dine at one of the five restaurants with exquisitely crafted cuisines including Oriental delicacies. Receive Spa treatments in the privacy of your room or at the world-class Spa Island, where the techniques are guaranteed to ease all pent-up stress. Keep fit at any of the countless fitness centers, with a trainer to guide you through.

Go scuba diving at the Cheval Blanc. Turtles, sharks, fish, and an assortment of rays live in abundance in the Maldivian coast, just waiting for you to discover.

Join the Exclusive Club of Private Island Aficionados!

man relaxing in a hammock at sunset

Jet Out, or more appropriately, Sail Out to these little idyllic havens, to disconnect from the World! As your Luxury Lifestyle Management Service, Fuse Concierge will coordinate your Travel Logistics, ensuring you enjoy the full VIP experience.

Private Islands are nature’s hidden Easter Eggs. Head out and explore them today!

Contact your Lifestyle Manager today to learn more about these Private Islands and more: info@fuseconcierge.com or call us on +44 (0) 207 078 4243.

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