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Make 2019 A Year of Wellbeing

Updated: May 3, 2021

What are your goals for 2019 – are you hoping to grow your business, maximise your investments, or throw yourself into a personal project close to your heart?

January is an exciting time looking forward to the year ahead, but to feel really invigorated, first you need to take care of your mind and body.

Whether you need to get into shape after the excesses of Christmas, find some inner calm following a hectic December or need help in shaping your personal aims and keeping stress to a minimum, Fuse Concierge can find the perfect bespoke package for you.


What better way to start the year than by investing in yourself with a relaxing break at a spa?

Of course, there are no end of beautiful day spas to visit, and if you have a particularly packed January schedule, our lifestyle managers can certainly find a spot for you at a luxurious hotel for whatever time you have available.

But if you can, give yourself the attention you deserve with a longer stay at one of the world’s best spa resorts.

Fuse Concierge can make it a truly relaxing start to 2019 for you by making all of your travel arrangements and putting together a package of treatments to suit you.

Winter is a magical time to visit the Bavarian Alps in Germany, and the fairytale Schloss Elmau features yoga retreats, separate adult and family spas, has ski runs on its doorstep, and was where the 2015 G7 summit was held.

If you prefer the warmer weather, we can secure you the Jewel of Maui, a sumptuous beach-front estate that can accommodate up to 12 with outdoor spa pools and a home gym that opens out onto its amazing sea views.

Peak fitness

If fitness is your thing, or your resolution is to stick to a healthier lifestyle in the months ahead, then you’ll know that you need to be prepped for exercise in exactly the same way that you would be for any other important project.

Whether you love CrossFit, HIIT, are training for an ultramarathon, or just want to gain some motivation in the gym, a personal trainer can be invaluable in helping you to focus and get results.

Fuse Concierge can put you in touch with the best in the business to suit your goals, wherever in the world you find yourself in 2019.

Make sure you’re kitted out at home with some of our top gym picks, including these 18-carat gold dumbbells, this sleekly-designed weights machine, and this silent treadmill that won’t disturb even if used in the middle of the night, to make working out an indulgent experience.

\Banish your health troubles

If you have a sports injury that’s been holding back your playing career or aches and pains that surface every time you’re stressed, make a fresh start for January by committing to curing the problem.

Fuse Concierge has the perfect solution for you thanks to our close links with Harley Street clinic Medical Home Visit.

Their skilled practitioners specialise in physiotherapy, osteopathy, and chiropractic, and offer some incredible benefits to Fuse’s clients.

If it’s inconvenient for you to make it into their clinic, then they can come out to visit you at home, in your office or hotel, provide services for you wherever you are in the world or even consult with you over Skype.

Just get in touch with one of our lifestyle managers to start your journey back to health.

Fuel your success

So many people vow to overhaul what they eat come January, but you can make sure that you rise above the masses of failed New Year diets with the help of our lifestyle managers.

Eating right isn’t just about short-term weight loss – it improves your health, reenergises you and can be the building block for all of your greatest achievements this year.

Just like any other aspect of your life, it makes sense to consult the top experts in the field to keep you on track for your healthiest year yet.

Let Fuse Concierge work with your busy lifestyle to make sure you keep on top of your energy levels even during your most challenging times.

Try sought-after nutrition consultant Alice Mackintosh, based in Chelsea (able to make a home visit to you), who has worked with clients to develop a diet book that helps you to eat your way to happiness.

If you really want to give your diet a kick start, let us arrange a stay at SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain which offers a range of weight-loss and detox programmes in a stunning Alicante setting.

Life coaching

Sometimes, you need to realign your life completely to make the most of your talents and skills.

The right life coach can be the key to unlocking your potential – but where to begin in such a crowded market?

At Fuse Concierge, we have close relationships with the top few life coaches who we have handpicked for enjoying so many successes in their own careers that they are uniquely placed to help high-net-worth and high-achieving individuals.

Whether you want to work on your resilience, confidence, mindfulness, or behaviour, at work or in your personal life, you will make strides forward in 2019 with their help.

Get in touch to let one of our lifestyle managers put you on track to even greater things.

No one knows better than you how important it is to be able to switch off and wind down from the stresses and strains of your schedule.

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, or simply a good night’s sleep – whatever it is that you’re craving, Fuse can help you to find your inner peace and come back to your daily life refreshed.

A new Shoreditch hotel, The Zed Rooms, has made getting a good night’s sleep into an art form, with some in-high-demand specially-designed rooms that we can secure you a stay in. One is designed to look like a womb and help you to sleep like a baby.

Yoga studios are on every street corner these days, but to really get in touch with your inner calm, let Fuse Concierge plan you a visit to the birthplace of yoga in the foothills of the Himalayas. Ananda Spa in India is a former palace that has been transformed into an exclusive, exquisitely beautiful yoga retreat that’s as much a holiday for your mind as your body.

We know that with a full diary, getting away for a yoga retreat might be unrealistic, so let us help you to build some relaxation time into your everyday routine by introducing you to yoga and meditation gurus who can visit your home, office or business destination whenever life gets a little too hectic.

Get in touch and let our lifestyle managers get your year off to a healthy start. Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year from all at Fuse Concierge.

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