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Living Life On Demand

Updated: May 3, 2021

Being a high net worth individual involves being committed to an infinite amount of people and things. It is highly likely that you have wide and varied interests which you would love to give your full time and attention to. But time, unfortunately, is something that can’t be paused, hard to control and it gets even harder to grasp when you have so many important things on your mind. Sometimes because of the nature of your interesting and busy schedule, you might find it hard to live the complete and luxurious life you’re accustomed to. Finding the time to immerse yourself in the luxury you deserve might take a back seat to your other pursuits like work and business.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can, and you should live your life to the fullest with all the amazing and luxuriousbenefits you’re entitled to and this is where we come in. We at Fuse Concierge want to help you arrange and style your life in ways that can easily accommodate all the things that make life infinitely sweet. Because we want to make your life hassle-free, we focus on performing tasks for you that ensure you save yourself time and energy. Our services are built to optimise your time and to create schedules for you that are vastly more creative and efficient than what you currently have.

We want to create time and space for you to enjoy all your interests freely and with ease. Our job is to curate your life to make it more comfortable and thrilling as we cater to your every luxurious want and need. Our lifestyle management service is primed to save you, perhaps the scarcest resource – time. You are assigned a lifestyle manager, who is a point of contact for all your demands. While you focus on your more productive ventures, your lifestyle manager attends to your more luxurious needs.

Here is an outline of a typical week planned out by a Lifestyle Manager:

Seal the deal on Monday!

Rolls-Royce luxury car

No matter how far your business throws you we would always be on deck to ensure you arrive in comfort and style. As you step off from the private jet, our liveried chauffeurs would be on deck to welcome you with our luxurious cars fully stocked with all of your favourite things. We would then whisk you away to the most relaxing and soothing hotels with the best rooms and the best views arranged to relax and elevate your mind. After you’ve had your rest we book an exclusive dinner date for you, with your favourite drinks and dishes on standby so you can effectively network with your business partners in a relaxed and safe environment. By the end of the day you are happy, rested and most importantly your aim of traveling is achieved.

Relax on Tuesday

Health and Beauty

Design on Wednesday

Because your time is being properly utilised to create a life of ease you now have more than enough time to pursue your other interests like maybe redesigning your home. You can enjoy a warm evening at a gallery and pick up beautiful pieces to adorn your living and working space. Liaise with brilliant interior designers who can help flesh out your visions for all your spaces and bring them spectacularly to life. You could recreate your favorite views, attend your best shows and just generally ignite your creative and interesting side.

Go scouting on Thursday

Our managers at Fuse Concierge are not just here to make bookings, they are highly capable of making informed and brilliant choices for the people they work for. We can help you scout for items of interest like off-market properties, commercial properties, cars, art, clothes, jewellery, and much more. All purchases are handled with discretion. Perhaps you need to be an anonymous bidder at Sotheby’s, your identity is completely redacted and untraceable. Identify the exhibits of your interest and specify your highest bid, and your lifestyle manager begins the process, along with independent authentication.

We will leverage our global contacts and connections to acquire even obscure and rare commodities you desire.

Personal and Exotic Shopping on Friday

With Fuse Concierge, you have a personal shopper you can rely on. Save time and let us

handle your requests.

Building a vintage wine collection, or perhaps you need a Dalmore 62, or a Yamazaki 50 yr Old for a special occasion? Our sommelier, with nearly two decades of experience, is perfectly capable of obtaining the rarest bottles.

Skip the waiting list and take delivery of limited edition luxury cars. Does your inner motor head crave a Lamborghini SVJ 2018, or maybe the nostalgic allure of a vintage 1962 Aston Martin Zagato? Your lifestyle manager will ensure your interest is well represented in private

and public auctions worldwide.

You can commission bespoke jewellery, with our trusted jewellers and diamond dealers. We will also pencil you in at exclusive private auctions across the world. At auctions, you can attend in person, or you can authorise your art consultant as your proxy.

Cool Gifts on Saturday

A good way to never forget the people you love is to get them beautiful gifts and with our Mobile Diamond dealer buying the perfect gift just got easier. Purchase beautiful diamond gifts as a way to remind the people that you’re always thinking of them.

At Fuse Concierge we keep you up to date with all the important events

happening all year round. We will arrange events for you from sports, theatre, fashion weeks, the next Beyoncé tour, to a one-off performance by Led Zeppelin and with our exclusive connections at Fuse Concierge, no event is ever sold out.

Why Fuse Concierge?

At Fuse Concierge, we understand luxury, we breathe it, we personify it and we live by it. Which is why we believe we are well equipped to fulfil your every demand. We are ready to meet all of your requests and will ensure we save time across all aspects of your life.

For more information on our membership packages and how to take advantage of Fuse Concierge, contact +44 (0) 207 0784243 or email info@fuseconcierge.com

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